What are the royalities on secondary sales?

The royalties are 5% which will be split evenly amongst team members and the community wallet.

What is the Gladiator Supply?

The Gladiator supply is TBD.

What are the Gladiator classes?

- Ape

- Assassin

- Dragon

- Exxacutioner

- Samurai

- Tank

What are the weapon classes?

- Bladed Staff

- Bladed Whip

- Brass knuckles

- Chained Blade

- Claws Gauntlets

- Double Bladed Pole Arm

- Dual Wielded Lances

- Dual Wielded Small Axes

- Fire Katars

- Flail

- Flamberge Sword

- Flaming Lash

- Handheld Daggers

- Huge Axe

- Huge Club

- Huge Hammer

- Huge Sword

- Kabutowari

- Katana

- Long Mace

- Long Rod

- Medieval Axe

- Naginata

- Sai

- Scorching Axe

- Scythe

- Spear

- Spiky Club and Spiky Shield

- Tanto

- Throwing Daggers

- Wakizashiv

How will the weapons work?

There are 20 weapon classes to choose from. Any Gladiator can use any weapon. Each class has a preferred weapon type that will give them a class specific bonus when used. Each gladiator class interacts with each weapon differently. There are special bonuses to characters that use their preferred weapon class.

How will you access the game?

You must own a gladitator to enter the game.